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Prayer Requests
We here at Northside believe in coming together in prayer.
You can find a prayer list in the foyer each Sunday and in the Fellowship hall each Wednesday night. If you wish to follow up on a prayer request you had, or if you have a new one, please feel free to leave a comment on our 'Contact Us' page.
Current Requests
- Summersill family
- Santo & Anne Ruffino
- Jim Rice
- Bobby Huston
- Kristina Cepel
- Dan Francis
- Bryan Koffel, Jr.
- Kate Bollie
- Denise Otto 
- Don Roach
- Mary Roach
- Forest Blain
- Red Heistand
- Guy Marsh
- Ashley Gallardo
- Amanda Rockefeller
- Joy Barker and family
OngoingRequests Cancer
Margaret Dolan, Carole Mitchell, Darla Collier
Vivian Raney, Katie Stolze, Carmen Hooper 
Tony DeLuca, Jack Pumell, Duane Haupt
Judy Granning, Tim Lipford, Oakley Murphy
Danny Bradley, Mike Bixler, Mike Barker
Other Needs 
NCC to continue to grow spiritually and physically
Church Staff &Leadership team; Wisdom/Guidance
Church Body in boldness to share Christ with others.
Church families & ministries.
Summit Youth Group Spiritual Health & Growth
Converge Teen Center
Troubled Youth, Visitors, Our community, Our Country
Anne Marie, Fabian Vanderpol
Brett Batton, Rose Otto’s grandson
Shawn Schultz, Rose Otto’s cousin DeWitt
Joe Ruta, Mike  and Teresa Barker, Becky and Mark Easter
Shauna Blauque
Troops in Afghanistan & Iraq
Jon Fricke, Afghanistan
Lance Malloy
Brian Webb, Afghanistan (wife & 5y/o daughter)
Ryan & Paul, Marsh’s nephews
Joshua Tubbs, Marco's Friend
Jonathan Celia, Don Johnson's Grandson (11/2012 Afghanistan)
Tim Cepel, Dick Cepel's Grandson 
Eric Barker
Chris Dixon
Matt Waldrop
Ricky Tan
Danny Bruce
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facilities
Dana Frost, Sterling House
All info current as of January 28, 2014